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Excavation Services in Laval, Montreal and the North Shore

Are you finally considering building a pool on your residential property? Are you redeveloping an outdoor space for your commercial or industrial establishment? With excavation services available in Laval, Montreal and the North Shore, Aménagement ML Excavation can help you when you need to dig up the ground for all types of excavations, pipe repairs, new construction, renovation projects and more. We offer a significant intervention to realize any landscaping project that requires excellent precision and professional tools and equipment. Our interventions are done very safely, and our experts determine the most appropriate excavation technique according to the nature of the soil to be dug. We are always concerned about your safety and satisfaction, and we carry out our work in compliance with the legal constraints, standards and regulations in force in the municipality concerned.

For all your residential, commercial or industrial projects, you can trust our expertise and experience to carry out your work with care and precision. Contact us today for more information or to hire our services. Our team will be happy to assist you. 

Our excavation services are ideal for:


Landscaping projects

Repairing cracks in the foundations of homes and buildings

Swimming pool construction

Building or renovating shelters and other outdoor structures

Laying foundations

And much more!

Connecting and Repair of Water Pipes

We also do water cutting and water and sewer line connecting and repairs. Our team of experienced excavators is fully licensed and certified to perform residential, commercial and industrial water cutting work in Quebec. If you need repair of broken or damaged pipes, connecting or installation of new pipes or other services for your water or sewer line, we are the right choice! We have the experience and equipment to do all these jobs, and we can also help you in emergencies.

Soil and Stone Delivery

Call us as soon as you need quality soil and stone for your landscaping, excavation, construction or renovation project, and we will be happy to help you. Our carriers can deliver the agreed-upon quantities of soil and stone on time anywhere in Laval, on the North Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas.

A Pipe Suddenly Broken?

Call us to repair it right away! Our technicians and excavators will be there in no time.

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